Peer Recovery Support

Recovery Coaching


Extending the reach of peer recovery support services into the community, Steppingstone expanded to add Recovery Coaching in 2016. Recovery Coaching is a form of peer recovery support that is non-clinical and encourages long-term recovery from substance use disorders. Our certified recovery coaches bring their valuable lived experience of recovery, combined with training and supervision, to assist others in initiating and maintaining recovery. Recovery coaching support is often combined with clinical treatment or as an alternative for those not ready to engage in formal treatment. Recovery plans and other support are customized and built on each individual’s strengths, needs, and recovery goals.

A Recovery Coach is a motivator and cheerleader that believes in a recoveree’s capacity for change. They are an ally and confidant, always prepared to actively listen. You can expect a coach to be a truth teller who provides honest feedback and offers suggestions. They are a role model and offer their own life as an example of healthy living. A coach can help you identify problem areas and assist you as a recoveree to problem solve. They can provide linkages to the recovery community, treatment, and other supports. They are an advocate and can act as a representative for the recoveree when requested. Your coach is an equal and recovery advocate.

Seven Benefits of Recovery Coaching

1. Empower Recoverees in order to move them forward from “Recovery to Discovery”

2. Take a non-biased approach to recovery and Substance Use Disorders

3. Help reduce or eliminate relapse

4. Help build confidence with skills in areas of the recoverees life pertaining to career, family, health, wellness and relationships

5. Bridge the gap between the Recoveree and family for Recovery Resources

6. Help provide awareness of Life Purpose Beyond Recovery

7. Make themselves accessible via text, phone and email during critical times (triggers: holidays, throughout recovery)

  • Identify recovery goals
  • Assist recoverees in identifying, owning and building their recovery capital
  • Develop a wellness plan that utilizes existing recovery capital
  • Listen and provide feedback in a nonjudgmental and supportive way
  • Guide the new recoveree with connecting to the recovery community
  • Assist the long-term recoveree to remain engaged
  • Advocate for the recoveree
  • Connect the recoveree to community-based resources

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"Without P2P to help me through a dark time I don’t believe sobriety would be possible. I now have seven months in recovery. My family is in my life again. The support at P2P saved my life."

Eligibility Criteria
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Resident of the Fall River area or surrounding communities
  • A substance use disorder
  • A desire to initiate or sustain recovery

Download the Recovery Coaching Brochure