Adult Reentry Services

Empowering Recovery: Individualized Outpatient Treatment Programs
Project BCRP

Steppingstone provides re-entry planning combined with treatment and recovery support services to adult male and female offenders/ex-offenders exiting incarceration from Bristol County House of Corrections. Steppingstone also provides these same services to individuals who are at risk of reincarceration in Bristol County and to individuals in pre-trial status through its Bristol County Re-entry Project (BCRP).

Research indicates that alcohol and drugs are implicated in approximately 85% of all crimes. Following incarceration, individuals with substance use disorders reentering the community are additionally challenged by lack of housing, employment, skills and adequate financial resources. Without effective support, their risk of recidivism is extremely high.

In order to reduce this risk, the BCRP program offers high-quality services based on effective evidence-based practices developed by respected institutions including George Mason University Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence and the National Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities organization. BCRP’s interdisciplinary teams begin work with inmates in the correctional setting and intensify support and services upon re-entry into the community. 

Services include substance use and co-occurring substance use and mental health disorder treatment, re-entry planning, peer recovery support, housing search and placement assistance, employment building activities, financial management education, referral to primary care and other services.