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Project EdNA

Give someone a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach someone to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.


Project EdNa is an initiative that aims to provide educational opportunities to individuals who may not have had the chance to complete their high school education. The project is designed to help people achieve their dreams of obtaining a GED or high school diploma, which can lead to higher-paying careers and greater economic stability.

For many people, completing high school is a crucial step in achieving their career goals. However, various factors may have prevented them from finishing their education, such as financial constraints, family responsibilities, or personal challenges. Project EdNa recognizes these barriers and seeks to provide support and resources to overcome them.

By offering flexible learning options, such as online classes and personalized coaching, Project EdNa makes it possible for individuals to complete their high school education at their own pace and on their own schedule. The program also provides access to a range of resources, including tutoring, study materials, and career counseling, to help students achieve their goals and succeed in the workforce.

Through Project EdNa, individuals can gain the skills and knowledge needed to pursue higher-paying careers and improve their economic prospects. With a high school diploma or GED, individuals may be eligible for better job opportunities and higher wages, which can have a positive impact on their quality of life and financial stability.

Overall, Project EdNa is an innovative and essential initiative that supports individuals in achieving their educational dreams and advancing their careers. By providing access to education and support, Project EdNa helps to promote greater equality and economic opportunity for all.

  • Planning Skill and Interest Evaluation
  • Assistance with post secondary school searches and applications
  • Assistance with becoming enrolled in English for Speakers of Other Languages and General Education
  • Development programs
  • Assistance completing financial aid applications
  • Transportation
  • Education and study skills groups
  • Computer and internet access along with a computer skills group
522 N Main St
Fall River, MA 02720
Admission Criteria
  • Enrolled in Women’s Treatment program

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